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Repelling dust


Sails are manageable in all kinds of applications. They not only block wind, but also dust. There are several reasons why they can be used to keep dust out.

Get rid of dust

Dust causes a lot of inconvenience. This both in the shed or site and for the neighbourhood. When it comes to the environment, dust can also cause problems. 

You can solve these problems by placing a construction of sails. The barrier of sails is placed where it is most effective in solving your problem with dust. There are many possible combinations with sails.

Repelling dust with sails - advantages at a glance

A solution for every problem

Dust suppression is possible for the following reasons:

  1. Countering dust nuisance to the neighbourhood
  2. Avoiding nuisance in (certain parts of) a shed

1. Avoiding dust nuisance to the neighbourhood

When wind gets free play on a site or shed, dust can form. Difficult situations can arise if this causes nuisance in the neighbourhood.

You can prevent dust nuisance by placing a barrier of sails. This construction ensures that the wind is broken and dust can no longer be blown up.

Depending on the situation, the barrier:

  • Round around the site
  • On one windward side of the site
Atomization system

Do you want to go one step further than just the barrier of sails when it comes to keeping out dust? That's possible. The solutions with tarpaulins can be combined with a misting system.

The atomization system - which is mainly placed on recycling sites - makes the dust heavier, making it more difficult to take off and therefore more likely to precipitate. Read more about the application 'Shielding recycling site'

2. Avoiding dust nuisance in (certain parts of) a shed

Determined actions around or in the shed can cause dust formation, resulting in less good working conditions. In addition, the quality of running machines and stored goods can be affected. 



Custom made




1. Different combinations with sails possible




The warehouse or factory can be completely closed off with:







The sails block the dust, while at the same time ensuring a slow and constant renewal of air in the shed.




In the factory, wind and dust screens can provide a clear separation between a dusty environment and the dust-free desired area of the building. If there must be a passageway between the various departments or an outdoor area, a combination of:




  • Fixed sail structures 
  • Zebradoor
  • Doors in the same materials




2. Different combinations of sail densities possible




When keeping dust out, it is possible to combine different sail densities.




An example:




It is possible, for example, to make a fixed structure in which the first 2 metres have a sail density of 98% and above that, for example, 1 metre with a sail density of 90%. The two parts are welded together into one solid sail. 




3. Personalization of the shielding




It is possible to print the shield with:




  • Advertising your company (logo, slogan)
  • Photo or drawing
  • Your own design




Solution in the long term




Our constructions with sails have a long lifespan and require little maintenance. The sails are of high quality creating a long-term solution. In addition, the sails have standard fire class M2. 




Health and environmental benefits




The sails can therefore be used in various ways to repel dust. Once the formation of dust is under control, you create better working conditions, both human and mechanical.




In this way the personnel will be better protected against dust. In addition, the factory will remain dust-free for longer, which will reduce the maintenance of both machines and the factory. For environmental reasons, it is also advisable to close open sides. 




Visual tight whole




It goes without saying that the solutions discussed above provide a neat shed or site. In addition, the construction in sails ensures a sleek whole, and you get a professional look.




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