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Repelling rain


Sails are manageable in all kinds of applications. They not only stop wind and dust, but also rain. 

Get rid of rain

When it rains on your site or shed, there is a suitable, tailor-made solution. The additional advantage of the solution for preventing rain from entering your site is that wind and dust are kept out of your shed. 

The construction of sails made to ward off rain can be obtained in various combinations, such as a combination of fixed sails and gates. Furthermore, there are different sail densities possible. 

Repelling rain with sails - advantages at a glance

A solution for every problem

1. Preventing rain and keeping goods dry

As a result of rain in the warehouse, goods are stored wet. 
Our sails ensure that this is no longer a problem and that the goods in your warehouse remain dry from now on.

Also a solution to other problems

The construction of sails to keep out the rain, solves other problems as well:

  • The sails to keep out the rain, also keep out the wind.
  • Fewer dust. Due to the fact that most of the wind is also kept out, dust will be blown up much less.  

Custom made

1. Different combinations with sails possible

The warehouse or factory can be completely closed off with:

The sails stop the rain, while at the same time providing a slow constant renewal of air in the shed.

2. Different combinations of sail densities possible

Without rain it is possible to combine different sail densities.

An example:

It is possible, for example, to make a fixed structure in which the first 2 metres have a sail density of 98% and above that, for example, 1 metre with a sail density of 90%.

We weld the two parts together into one solid sail. 

Long-term solution

Our constructions with sails to keep out the rain have a long lifespan and require little maintenance. The sails are of high quality creating a long-term solution. In addition, the sails have standard fire class M2. 

Visual tight whole

The solution for keeping out the rain ensures that the shed stays clean longer and the stored goods do not lose their quality due to humidity. 

The construction in sails provides a sleek whole, giving you a professional look. 

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