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A common application for which our sails are used is a recyclingsite. Our sails reduce a considerable amount of dust and are also beneficial for other influences such as wind. 

Recyclesite - benefits at a glance

  • Different combinations with sails possible
  • Health and environmental benefits
  • Custom made
  • Long-term solution
  • Visual tight whole

Different combinations and applications with sails possible

Barrier of fixed sails around the site or along one windward side of the site

Fixed sails can be mounted on your recyclesite as well as outside the recyclesite. You can choose to place the sails around the site or along one windward side of the site. This choice depends on the situation.

One of the reasons for the placement of the barrier of sails can be to keep out dust. This often for the following reasons:

  • Counter nuisance on the environment
  • Counter nuisance in your recyclesite
Buckle of 45°

An additional option is the barrier of fixed sails at the top with a 45° buckle. The buckle ensures that dust from the recyclesite cannot blow over.

Atomization system

Another option is to install atomization systems. With the atomization system, an attempt is made to make the hot airborne dust heavier and make it precipitate. The dust cannot take off or it is more difficult to continue on its way. 

Close the warehouse

When you dispose of a dusty warehouse, there is the possibility to close the warehouse with fixed sails and a Mammothdoor.
In this way, just as with the barrier of solid sails, dust nuisance to the environment is counteracted. 

Smooth passage possible

Do you want a smooth passage in and out of the recycling site? Then the fixed sails can be supplemented with a Mammothdoor. When the Mammothdoor is closed, just like the fixed sails, it ensures that dust will not blow up quickly, because the wind is largely broken.

The Mammothdoor can handle large openings, making it suitable for large vehicles. For smaller openings a Bisondoor is used.

Health and environmental benefits

Once dust formation is under control, better working conditions are created, especially on a human level. Reducing dust benefits the health of the employees at the recyclesite. For environmental reasons, it is also advisable to close open sides.

Custom made

1. Different combinations of sail densities possible

With the sails around the recycling site it is possible to combine different sail densities. 

An example:

It is possible, for example, to make a fixed structure in which the first 2 metres have a sail density of 98% and above that, for example, 1 metre with a sail density of 90%.

2. Personalising the sails

It is possible to print the sails around the recyclesite with:

  • Advertising your company (logo, slogan)
  • Photo or drawing
  • Your own design

Solution in the long term

Our constructions with sails have a long lifespan and require little maintenance. The sails are of high quality creating a long-term solution. In addition, the sails M2 fireproof. 

Visual tight whole

The sails around the recyclesite are always tightened. This results in a visually sleek whole and moreover you get a professional look. 

custom made
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