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  • Openings up to 18m wide and 25m high 
  • Essential components are made of stainless steel
  • Suitable for difficult conditions
  • Custom-made
  • Superior wind resistance
  • CE label

Construction and operation

The Mammothdoor is designed to enable extremely sturdy sealing of large openings. The gate’s sturdiness is the result of horizontal bands welded to the fabric gate. The welded bands are mounted to rollers on both sides, running in steel tracks. Each welded band can withstand as much as 2.4 tonnes on its own, making the gate highly wind-resistant. It can also be opened even under high wind pressure.
When opening the gate, the fabric is folded back neatly and smoothly across the width.We mount the gate at the top of the opening, which requires at least 1 m of space.

As all essential components are made of stainless steel, our gates are suitable even in difficult conditions. Examples include spaces with high ammonia and moisture levels such as factories, salt storage, etc. 

Fabric: wide range of colours per windbreak factor

May absolutely no rain or wind penetrate the panel? Or do you prefer a more breathable fabric? We weld everything completely to order in our factory, allowing us to combine various types of windbreak mesh and tarpaulin. For example, you could choose to have the upper portion of the gate let in daylight, but keep the bottom part impenetrable to dust, dirt and wind. We strive to find the best solution for every project and application! 

Our panels are available in multiple colours per windbreak factor, all fire retardant (flammability class M2).


The door can only be operated with a motor.


Safe operation of our gates is extremely important to us. This is why we can equip the gate with a pressure safety mechanism. If the gate is being used as an entrance or operated remotely, this is mandatory. If the gate encounters any resistance at the bottom while descending, it will automatically reverse fully upwards. It will only move downwards again when you press the button again.

The gate can also be fitted with fall protection. A Mammothdoor is raised using cables. In the unlikely circumstance that one of these should break, the fall protection blocks the gate from falling any further. This works similarly to car safety belts. If you are using the gate as an entrance, fall protection is mandatory. 

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