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Textile roofing systems


Roofing systems with technical textiles - advantages at a glance

  • A solution for every problem
  • Made to measure
  • Rapid erection
  • Long-term solution

A solution for every problem

1. Recycling site

In the recycling sector, among others, we offer canopies, large gates and dust and wind screens.

Depending on the specific application, you can choose (a combination of) an air-permeable fabric or a fabric that no rain or wind can pass through. It may also be interesting to opt for an acid-resistant fabric, due to the high acidity of the vapours from some types of waste. A dirt-repellent top coating, on the other hand, offers considerable added value in terms of maintenance.

2. Halls

Storage halls, aircraft sheds, covered areas. These are some of the many possible applications for which you can call on us.

By using translucent fabric instead of regular roofing, there is a lot of natural light inside the hall. For the facades, for example, you can opt for a slightly darker shade.


1. Different sail-density combinations possible

For wind protection purposes, it is possible to combine different sail densities.

An example:

It is possible to make a fixed construction in which the first 2 metres have a sail density of 98% and above that 1 metre has a sail density of 90%.
We weld the two parts together to make one sturdy sail. 

We have a wide range of cloths, which enables us to fully anticipate your specific needs.  

2. Personalising the tarpaulin

It is possible to print the tarpaulin with:

  • Advertising for your company (logo, slogan)
  • Photo or drawing
  • Own design

Fast construction

Another great advantage of this construction method is the speed. Including the construction of the steel frame, the entire hall is erected very quickly in comparison to conventional constructions. 

With a crane, the canvas - consisting of the roof and the long sides of the hall - is placed on the frame and unrolled in a special way. After fastening, the hall is immediately ready for use.

Long-term solution

Our tarpaulin constructions have a long life and require little maintenance. The tarpaulins are of high quality, creating a long-term solution. 

Everything is calculated and engineered like any other building. Our halls can withstand the same wind load. The structures are also lighter, so that a less heavy foundation is required. Moreover, the fabric meets all fire safety requirements.

custom made
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