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Repelling other influences


Besides the repelling of dust, wind, birds and rain, our sails also repel many other influences. 

Repelling other influences - applications at a glance


During welding, bright flashes of light are released which can be harmful to unprotected bystanders or passers-by. To contain this problem, the welding area can be shielded with transparent tarpaulin in, for example, a red color.

The transparent tarpaulin ensures that the flashes of light are neutralized. In this way the safety of bystanders during welding is guaranteed. 

Hygienic shielding

COVID-19 has ensured that hygiene on the work floor is more important than ever.

In order to keep as much distance as possible, we have designed hygienic shields. The transparent shields ensure that there is no direct contact between them. In this way employees can carry out their tasks in their own bubble. 

For shielding we use transparent tarpaulin to replace plexiglass. 

Do you wish to continue the hygienic aspect? Read more about a 'sanitary room' in your company.

Shielding chemical production plants

Our sails are often used to shield production installations that emit chemical gases. Potentially dangerous fumes are thus shielded from other spaces. 

Also the reactors on a petrochemical site can be closed with our sails. These avoid strong temperature fluctuations in the reactors.

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