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Repelling birds


Birds in a shed or under canopies are a common problem. However, there is a sustainable solution for keeping birds out, more specifically bird nets.

Birds don't make a chance

Birds return all year round to their fixed, familiar places to rest or build a new nest. The birds cause nuisance due to, among other things, faeces and nesting material they bring with them.

Goods close to the resting place or the nest of the bird are therefore subject to possible damage or pollution. Moreover, this can have an impact on the health of your employees. 

Placing bird nets is a solution to this problem. 

  • The mesh makes it impossible for birds to nest there. 
  • When birds are kept out, a physical barrier for birds is created with the result that the goods in the shed or under a shelter remain in a neat and tidy condition. 

Repelling birds with bird nets - advantages at a glance

A solution for every problem

The bird nets can be mounted from left to right as well as from top to bottom. Moreover, everything is made to measure in our factory. This allows us to create a bird protection that tackles your specific problem. 

Do you have bird nuisance? A representative will visit you to assess the situation and propose a tailor-made solution.

Long-term cost-saving

Excluding birds with sails is cost effective in the long run. You no longer have to take maintenance or cleaning costs into account as the birds are kept out of your shed or storage area. In the long run you will save money.

Moreover, it is a sustainable solution, so you only need to invest once.

Solution in the long term

In order to be able to guarantee a sustainable solution, we attach great importance to its quality.

1. Solid material

The nets are provided with an extra PVC coating. This PVC coating ensures that the nets enjoy double protection. This makes them much more durable than the most common nets. The nets have a standard fire class of M2.

2. Tight bird nets

Loose bird nets continue to sag. This makes them more subject to wear and tear. Our bird nets are tensioned very tightly during assembly, which prevents them from sagging quickly. Keeping birds out thus becomes a long-term solution.

Net and hygienic space

A neat and hygienic space is of great importance for the health of your employees, and the quality of your stored goods. Keeping birds out of your shed or barn contributes to this because it prevents pollution from birds. 

Visual tight whole 

The nets are applied accurately and tightly, which results in a professional result. 

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