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Avoiding viewing


Unwanted viewing can have serious consequences. Opt for a durable custom-made solution with sails. The sails avoid vision and also have many other advantages. 

Get rid of lookout

A visual shield can be placed both indoors and outdoors, depending on your situation. The construction of sails made to avoid viewing is made according to your specific needs. You can also have the shielding personalized with your logo or company data.

Avoiding view - advantages at a glance

A solution for every problem

1. Shielding site

For many different reasons, it is advisable to shield a site from the outside world and avoid looking in. You can do this by placing a barrier of sails. Depending on the situation, the barrier:

  • Round the site
  • On a busy side of the site (busy street, lots of passage)

2. Splitting up space

A space can be split up to avoid viewing. This shield is professionally hung and then nicely stretched along the left, right and underside.
Transparent zones can also be provided above the field of vision. In this way, sufficient light flows from one room to another without compromising the purpose of the visual shielding.

Do you want to make internal changes? The shield can be moved without damaging the building. 

Also a solution to other problems

An additional advantage of splitting up a room to avoid viewing is obtaining a stable temperature. Just think of a loading and unloading area in a storage room, through which cold or warm air enters. Thanks to the shielding, the storage space will not heat up or cool down as quickly. 

Unauthorized persons are discouraged from entering the premises

Unauthorised persons are discouraged from entering the premises
When a site is shielded from its surroundings, unauthorized persons are discouraged from entering the site. Even when no one is present on the site, the shielding provides extra security. 


Thanks to a shield, the terrain and the outside world are shielded from each other. There is no distraction from what happens on the other side, and vice versa. 

Employees on a site will, for example, be able to focus more easily on their task. Conversely, visual shielding reduces the risk of accidents around a busy site. Passers-by are not distracted and retain their attention during traffic. 


In certain cases, privacy is the biggest reason to avoid viewing. The sails can be placed in such a way that privacy is guaranteed. 

Custom made

1. Different combinations with sails possible

2. Different combinations of sail densities possible

It is possible to combine different sail densities.

An example:

It is possible, for example, to make a fixed structure in which the first 2 metres have a sail density of 98% and above that, for example, 1 metre with a sail density of 90%.

We weld the two parts together to form one solid sail. As mentioned before, we can also provide transparent zones. 

3. Personalization of the shielding

It is possible to print the shield with:

  • Advertising your company (logo, slogan)
  • Photo or drawing
  • Your own design

Long-term solution

Our constructions with tarpaulins for avoiding vision have a long lifespan and require little maintenance. The sails are of high quality creating a long-term solution. In addition, the sails have standard fire class M2. 

Visual tight whole

The construction in sails provides a sleek whole, and you get a professional look. 

custom made
of your company

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