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Rental of temporary dust screens


The rental of temporary dust screens, is a tailor-made solution. The screens keep both dust and unauthorised people from looking in. 

Get rid of dust

Dust causes a lot of inconvenience. This both in the shed or site and for the neighbourhood. In terms of the environment dust can also cause problems. 

You can solve these problems by renting our temporary dust screens. The barrier of sails is placed where it is most effective in solving your dust problem. 

Get rid of lookout

The rental of our temporary dust screens also offer a solution against looking in. Depending on your situation, a visual shield can be placed both indoors and outdoors. 

In certain cases, privacy is the biggest reason to avoid viewing. The sails can be placed in such a way that privacy is guaranteed. 

Hiring out temporary dust screens - advantages at a glance

A solution for every problem

1. Shielding site

For many different reasons, it is advisable to shield a site from the outside world and avoid looking in. You can do this by placing a barrier of sails. Depending on the situation, the barrier:

  • Round around the site
  • Along a busy side of the site (busy street, lots of passage)

2. Dust nuisance in the neighbourhood

The rental of our temporary dust screens is ideal to also keep dust off your site. Depending on the situation, we choose a certain type of mesh. Dust is excluded, but at the same time the space remains ventilated. 

Unauthorized persons are discouraged from entering the premises

When a site is shielded from its surroundings, unauthorized persons are discouraged from entering the site. Even when no one is present on the site, the shielding provides extra security. 


Thanks to the rental of our temporary dust screens, the terrain and the outside world can be shielded from each other. There is no distraction from what happens on the other side, and vice versa. 

Employees on a site will, for example, be able to focus more easily on their task. Conversely, visual shielding reduces the risk of accidents around a busy site. Passers-by will not be distracted and will retain their attention in traffic. 

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