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Petrochemical site

Reactors used in the petrochemical industry are often exposed to different weather conditions. 

Chemical processes that take place in the reactors require a certain temperature at which the conversion rate of reagents to the final product is as ideal as possible. The reactors are therefore always brought to a temperature that is ideal for the chemical reaction that needs to take place in them.

Because these reactors have to deal with different weather conditions, temperature fluctuations can occur inside which have a negative impact on the processes.

To counteract these fluctuations, we place a construction of sails around the reactors.

Sails around reactors - advantages at a glance

  • Come with temperature fluctuations
  • Also a solution for other problems
  • Custom made
  • Personalize
  • Long-term solution
  • Visual tight whole

Come with temperature fluctuations

When reactors are confronted with strong (north) wind, this can disrupt the internal processes. This strong wind can cause the reactor to cool down suddenly. Locally, ice can even form. Also when a reactor is exposed to strong sunrays, this can locally cause a fluctuation in temperature. 

We solve this problem by using sails around the reactors in places that keep out bright sun and wind, but at the same time provide light ventilation. This keeps the temperature within the construction constant. In addition, the heat emitted by the reactor remains within the construction, which reduces the risk of jumping pipes.

Also a solution to other problems

Depending on where the reactors are located, the sails have the additional advantage of keeping out rain and dust.

In addition, it is more comfortable for the maintenance operators to work in a room with a more pleasant sensory temperature. 

Custom made

1. Different combinations with sails possible

The reactors on the petrochemical site can be fully shielded with:

The sails block the wind, while at the same time providing a slow constant renewal of air in space. The temperature remains stable. The space remains easily accessible thanks to doors or gates. 

2. Personalizing the shielding

It is possible to print the shield with:

  • Advertising of your company (logo, slogan)
  • Photo or drawing
  • Your own design

Long-term solution

Our constructions with sails for wind protection on a petrochemical site have a long lifespan and require little maintenance. The sails are of high quality creating a long-term solution. In addition, the sails M2 fireproof. 

Visual tight whole

The construction in sails provides a sleek whole, giving you a professional look. 

custom made
of your company

Together with you we look at the
added value of our
solutions for your project!

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