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Toilet car

Hygienic infrastructure

A toilet car, made of Paneltim panels, is suitable for long-term use. For example, a toilet car is often used as a yard toilet, but can also serve as an extra toilet at a company. 

Toilet car - advantages at a glance

Ready to use

The toilet car is equipped with a tow bar so that it can easily be moved with the van. Water and electricity pipes can also be mounted easily and quickly against the walls of the toilet van. After the installation of a simple water connection and a 230V electricity connection, the toilet car is ready to use. 

Hygienic and maintenance-friendly


The toilet car consists of smooth finished panels. The smooth surface ensures that the toilet pushchair is easy and quick to clean. In this way, your toilet pushchair remains clean and hygienic at all times.


The panels, of which the toilet car is made, are very hygienic:

  • Closed ends (also for custom-made work), so that dirt does not get a chance
  • No edges or bumps
  • Flat cleaning

This prevents the formation of internal accumulations of fungi, dirt and bacteria. In addition, the surface of the panels is smooth, which ensures that they do not absorb water and are dirt-repellent.

Custom made

Choose your own dimensions

Do you have a preference for the size of the toilet car? No problem. It is possible to specify the desired sizes and the number of toilets. In this way you will get a custom made toilet pushchair.

Need expertise? We will be happy to come to you to assess the situation and propose a tailor-made solution. 

Choose your own colours (combinations)

The toilet wagon is available in different colours.
For more information about which colours and colour combinations are possible, you can always contact us.

Light and strong

An important factor is the sturdiness of the toilet truck. To provide the sturdiness, the wagon is equipped with support legs and a nose wheel. In this way, the car remains stable, even on less level ground. 

The panels used are light in weight. Nevertheless, they are very strong thanks to their internal cell structure. 

Safety first

To provide as much safety as possible, the floor of the toilet trolley consists of non-slip panels. In this way, the chance of slipping is reduced. In this way, you ensure the safety of both the maintenance service and the users.

Good isolation value

The Paneltim panels have a good isolation value. This is due to the low thermal conductivity of plastic and thanks to the hermetically enclosed air in the cell structure. Internal condensation in the toilet wagon is therefore excluded. 

100% recyclable

All Paneltim panels are made of 100% recyclable materials. They are also free of toxic substances. Prior to the purchase of these raw materials, a systematic quality control is carried out.

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