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Yard trailer

Hygienic infrastructure

Are you looking for a yard truck that meets all the requirements for commissioning on public roads and also provides the necessary comfort?

We offer you three different yard trailers, each with its own specific characteristics. The yard trailers are made of plastic panels, which brings with it extra advantages. 

Yard trailer - benefits at a glance

A choice of different types of yard trailers

  • Type 1
  • Type 1.1
  • Type 5
Type 1 Type 1.1 Type 5
4 support legs 4 support legs 4 support legs
2 tilting windows (40cm x 40cm) 2 tilting windows (40cm x 40cm)

1 tilt window with burglary protection

(80cm x 100cm)

Approved fuse box Approved fuse box Approved fuse box
2 sockets 2 sockets 2 sockets
Fluorescent lamp Fluorescent lamp Fluorescent lamp
Blue CEE plug Blue CEE plug Blue CEE plug
Floor covering: checker plate plastic Floor covering: checker plate plastic Floor covering: checker plate plastic
Standard reflectors Standard reflectors Standard reflectors
  Bank with storage Bank with storage
  Table Table
    Separate toilet with washbasin and hook
    Extra washbasin with hook closed with a door to the dining area
    Option: water tank in PE (100l)

Our yard trailers are standard 3.6m x 1.9m

Hygienic and maintenance-friendly


The yard trailer consists of smooth finished panels. The smooth surface ensures that the yard trolley is easy and quick to clean. In this way, your yard trailer remains clean and hygienic at all times.


The panels, of which the yard trailer is made, are very hygienic.

  • Closed ends (also for custom-made work), so that dirt does not get a chance
  • No edges or bumps
  • Flat cleaning

This prevents internal accumulations of fungi, dirt and bacteria. In addition, the surface of the panels is smooth, which ensures that they do not absorb water and are dirt-repellent.

Custom made

It is possible to bring your chassis to us, so that we can build it with our plastic panels. 

The cylinder locks that are already attached to the yard trailer can easily be replaced by your own personal cylinder locks. 

Light and strong

The panels used are light in weight. Yet they are very strong thanks to their internal cell structure. 

Safety first

In order to provide as much safety as possible, the floor of the yard trailer consists of checker plate. In this way, the risk of slipping is avoided. Moreover, they are not heavier than the maximum allowed weight on the track, namely 750kg. The exact weight can be found on the COC plate.

Good isolation value

The Paneltim panels have a good isolation value. This is due to the low thermal conductivity of plastic and thanks to the hermetically enclosed air in the cell structure. Internal condensation in the yard trailer is thus avoided. 

100% recyclable

All Paneltim panels are made of 100% recyclable materials. They are also free of toxic substances. Prior to the purchase of these raw materials, a systematic quality control is carried out.

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