Euroports Antwerp deploys doors as practical dust solution

Do dust and wind cause less qualitative working conditions on your site? Are your neighbors bothered by them? These are common problems within the industry.

How to solve dust problems? 

There are several solutions against dust with our sails. One of them is the use of doors to close off both small and large openings of dusty environments. Euroports Antwerp chose this specific solution in their storage for fertilizers. 

Dust problem Euroports

At the Euroports Antwerp site, bulk fertilizers are transshipped. During this process, a lot of dust is released on the site and in the surrounding area. 

In the past, the storage was closed off by double wooden sliding doors of 9 meters wide and 10 meters high. These were not practical to use and no longer provided sufficient closure to keep the dust in.

Giant and practical solution

In their search for a qualitative and above all practical solution, they came to us. In mutual consultation, various routes for dust reduction were analyzed and it was decided to close this dusty and corrosive environment with 8 Mammothdoors. Each door is 18 meters wide and 10 meters high. Together they form the ideal dust solution.

The Mammothdoors are not only giant, they are also very practical. For example, it is easy to drive a truck in and out of the door openings, even with the container raised. The 18 metre wide openings also allow trucks to turn into the door openings.

The doors can be easily operated by the operators through the central control box. As an additional safety feature, an alarm button was provided, which allows all doors to open simultaneously in case of emergency.

Overall, a very practical, safe and dust-reducing solution!

Customized construction

In order to be able to assemble the doors, an additional construction was developed.

The door openings were measured with a 3D scan. In those images the construction is drawn in, so the customer gets a visual realistic vision of what the situation will look like.

This way, there are no surprises and we avoid inefficiency during assembly.

In this phase we can make perfect adjustments where desired and where necessary.

3D construction dust solution

Deployable in difficult conditions

An aggressive environment in the industrial sector is common. Fertilizer storage is a very corrosive environment. Therefore, the construction was made with a 3-layer marine coating, which protects the construction against this. The guides of the doors are standard in stainless steel, so these are also protected from corrosion.

Also looking for a solution to get your dust or wind problems under control? Rather looking for a practical solution for your large door openings? The Mammothdoor or one of our other systems is your ideal solution. Contact us! 

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