Large mesh doors for the fire-resistant closing of sheds

Large mesh doors and walls that can keep out dust, wind and rain and can also be used to close sheds and warehouses in a fire-resistant manner. This is one of the many solutions offered by us, as a manufacturer and assembler of bespoke doors and other structures made from technical textiles. 

We manufacture and install large bespoke doors and related structures into which fire-resistant technical textiles are incorporated. Depending on the project, the air and light permeability of a given material is often decisive when selecting a tarpaulin. There is a suitable solution for every situation.   

By-Cast, a global market leader in cast-iron air preheaters, built a storage shed for coke, a raw material for cast-iron heat exchangers. To ensure compliance with the relevant fire regulations, the company needed an open warehouse. 

Solution in accordance with fire regulations

Open, covered structures – where smoke and heat can easily escape in the event of a fire – do not need to comply with Annex 6 of the Royal Decree of 7 July 1994 on the basic standards for the prevention of fire and explosions that buildings must meet.

An open shed or warehouse, however, can also let in rain, birds, wind and windblown dust. To tackle this problem, we installed two large mesh doors at the front of the warehouse.

Large mesh doors
  • Door 1: 19m x 13m 
  • Door 2: 15m x 13m

The sides of the warehouse were also completely closed off with 750 m² of permanently installed tarpaulins. 

Sales Director Gert Janssen: “All the doors and tarpaulins we installed are composed of fine, fire-retardant mesh that repels wind, rain and dust. However, thanks to the mesh structure, there is a constant supply of fresh air, which ensures that the shed is still regarded as an open structure.”

Closed structures have to meet basic standards, which would require additional investments such as the installation of smoke hatches and a sprinkler system. “Thanks to the doors and tarpaulins supplied by Vervaeke, the warehouse can still be closed, without contravening the regulations imposed by the fire brigade. This means that expensive investments are not necessary”, explains Gert Janssen.

Avoiding nuisance caused by dust 

By closing the warehouse, the dust that is brought in by the raw materials is kept inside. Janssen says the following: “Preventing any nuisance caused by dust from raw materials to the neighbourhood and the immediate surroundings is beneficial to the relationship with neighbouring residents and businesses. This is an important factor for a large industrial manufacturer.”

Plenty of light  

Thanks to the doors, there is plenty of light inside the warehouse. This means that hardly any artificial light is needed and that the staff can work in a pleasant environment.  

Rain, wind and bird-repellent 

Rain, wind and birds are also kept out, which is beneficial for both the raw materials stored in the warehouse and the employees working there.  



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